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Welcome! I’m Angela Vallone, the translator you were looking for. Why?

Translation is not just a matter of words, it is a matter of communication. What you need is to reach your audience and communicate with them, i.e. talk to them, speak their language, understand them.

My brand name is Tra-ducere and my job is to help my customers communicate in a language they do not master and enable them to fill the language and cultural gap to achieve their business and personal goals.

Old London Why should you choose Tra-ducere?

√ Over twenty years of experience in the industry;

√ Over 1,000,000 words translated in the following specializations: Business, Marketing, Manufacturing, Food & Tourism and Law;

√ A qualified professional committed to continuous professional development (CPD);

One, reliable resource to chat, explain and discuss your language/translation issues, doubts to provide you with the right service and right advice.

Let me do for you what I do best: using languages to create opportunities!

Feel free to contact me for more info,
a detailed quote or just to have a chat on translation and languages.